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What exactly is Essential Oil?

Essential oil is basically the essence of a plant that is obtained by distillation.

Not all plants can produce essential oils. In the plants that do, the essence can be found in the roots, stems, leave, fruits and flowers.

It’s a 100% natural substance that is free from any harmful chemicals.

They’re highly concentrated plant extracts that retains the natural smell and original essence of their source.

They also have gentle healing properties that are safe for the body and home.

How do they work?

Essential oil evaporates on exposed air and enters the body by inhaling the evaporated scent.

It can also be diluted with the base/carrier oil and may also be applied externally as the essential oil molecules permeates the skin.

Many essential oils have the potential to stimulate healthy cell renewal and growth to regulate, restore and balance your mind and body systems.

It also has the ability to relieve stress and stimulate sluggish circulation.

It has the power to give strength and boost the immune system.

All essential oils can help to balance your emotions and relax your mind.


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